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SMAG Graphique X Voyantic : The anniversary of a successful collaboration!

09 March 2021

In March 2020, we started the collaboration with our partner Voyantic!

Voyantic is the leading global provider of RFID testing and measurement solutions targeted for routine use both in the laboratory and on the production level. They also provide installation, training, and maintenance services to make their solutions true turn-key tools with no uncertainty.

We decided to collaborate with Voyantic because we needed a trusted partner to count on with developing our RFID and NFC solutions.

At first, we had developed our own solution for controlling and encoding tags. But with our growth in Europe, the fast changes of the market, the increase of the level of precision required in controlling, and the need for high ERP knowledge as ERPs are involved in the controlling AND the encoding of RFID tags, we deemed that it was strategically crucial to cooperate with a European partner that’s a leader in this field.

After many research and sourcing, Voyantic stood up as the best partner for us.

Thanks to our cooperation, our clients benefit from the best of both worlds:

- The high quality of the controlling and encoding systems of Voyantic

- The innovative web transformation system and converting solution from SMAG Graphique’s ICON LINE.

Having a partner such as Voyantic allows us to count on their world class expertise and always benefit from most advanced technologies as they’re an innovative leader in their field. This makes our partnership ready for the future of the industry as they know how to adapt to the newest challenges that rise for our clients, along with sharing their extensive technical expertise.

We’re very happy to celebrate this first anniversary of our successful partnership, and are looking forward to find even more ways our two companies could collaborate together!

Since Voyantic is one on our main partners, especially when it comes to RFID and NFC technologies, they will participate in our event ICONNECTED ONLINE 2021 where you can meet them and ask them all your questions that they will answer during the live!

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