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Smag graphique



Web width 420mm


The ORION is the last new SMAG model for blank labels production.

The machine can integrate up to two flexo stations and two full rotary die cutting stations.



  • Printing, varnishing (flexo station), die cutting and converting labels (roll to roll or roll to sheet) for finished products, blank labels, mono-colour or bi-colour labels.
  • Slitter-rewinder with one or two die cutting stations for blank labels production
  • Control by sensors or camera
  • Rewinding on one or two shafts, semi-automatic turret rewinder



  • Modular, easy upgrade
  • Userfriendly
  • Servo version for film/foil
  • Speed : up to 300m/min (servo version)
  • Die cutting cylinders from 12'' to 25''
  • Remote connection for maintenance